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We provide a variety of different services including grass cutting / mowing, lawn / bed maintenance, landscaping, property clean-ups and fence installation. 

Wet grass

Grass Cutting / Mowing

Services are from March - November and normally consist of: Mowing, Weed-Eating, Edging, and Blowing of Hard Surfaces.

We offer recurring schedules including: Weekly, Bi-weekly, and

30-Day as well as one-time services.

flower bed

Lawn / Bed Maintenance

This includes: flower bed and tree mulch ring areas kept weed free. Shrubs / bushes / small trees / ground cover / perennials kept trimmed to maintain neat appearance.

flower bed


Landscaping options are endless. Let one of our professionals come by today to give you a free estimate. Pro-Mow does carry a horticulture license. 

Garbage on propoerty

Property Clean Up

Allow us to get rid of your debris quickly and easily, allowing you to get back to enjoying the season and your rejuvenated property 

Fence Install

Fence Installation

We offer a variety of different fence design projects including but not limited to: cedar or pine privacy, aluminum, chain link, vinyl, or wrought iron. We can cover as big or small of an area as needed. 

Fencing for every occasion

We Offer Financing


Question: "Are you licensed and insured?"

Answer: We have all necessary licenses to perform all service we offer, we also carry all necessary lines of Insurance, and pay taxes.

Question: "My lawn hasn't been mowed for several weeks and is overgrown, how much will my first service cost?"

Answer: If the lawn is overgrown it can take the crew 2-3 times or longer to service the property. Our initial service may cost extra but after initial cut / clean-up, your price will fall in alignment with quoted weekly / biweekly / monthly amount. 

Question: "My lawn takes 20 minutes to mow. Why does it cost $60?"
Answer: We have a minimum cost of $60 per mowing service. Even if the lawn is 500 sq feet, we still must charge $60 per service. Trucks, trailers, insurance, and fuel are just some examples that make it important for us to charge this minimum fee. 

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